Wordcamps Athens 2019 | 5 + 1 ways to increase your e-shop sales

by | 05/06/2019 | Online marketing ΕΝ

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On Saturday, May 18th, 2019 we had the pleasure and honor to speak at WordCamp Athens 2019, which was held at the Athens Concert Hall. The topic of our speech was marketing oriented and we discussed how WordPress and WooCommerce platforms can be used to increase sales of a business, and we focused on the e-shops.

WordPress and WooCommerce platforms feature flexibility and ease of use. One of their advantages is the ability to implement many different tools, which can offer excellent data collection, recording and editing capabilities. This data will help digital marketing efforts of the company to increase sales and improve the consumer experience.

In any way, digital marketing can’t work on its own without the aid of web development. Proper interconnection of the marketing tools used on the e-shop platforms can give us the data we need to decide which kind of communication and which promotional actions need to be done. Website analytics can guide us on what channels we are performing as a company and which ones need improvement.

Communication tools that help increase your e-shop sales

The communication tools we typically use in marketing (and which need to code between platforms) are:

  1. Email Marketing (Newsletter Campaigns & Marketing Automation Campaigns)
  2. Online Advertising
    • Social Media Ads – (Conversion, Traffic, Brand Awareness Campaigns, Dynamic Ads Campaigns with Product Catalogue)
    • Google Ads – (Search, Display, Video, Remarketing Campaigns)
  3. SEO (Content Optimization to Make Our Website Organically High in the Search Engine Rankings, Utilizing Google Search Console)
  4. Loyalty (Retention / Repeatability of Existing Customer)

Also, the Customer Experience, and consequently his desire / willingness to buy from us, can be improved through actions that can be performed by tools and platforms such as Live Chat, SMS and E-mail.

Finally, our talk also mentioned some Marketing ideas that we can utilize within our website and our online store, in order to encourage the consumer to complete (or even expand) the purchase.
Below you can find our presentation (the power point) and soon we will release the Video of the speech, as soon as it is published on WordPress TV.

The video as published on WordPress TV.