WordCamp Athens 2017: WooCommerce & ERP Integration Challenges (video)

by | 14/03/2018 | Corporate News, Web Development ΕΝ

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On December the 9th we had the honor of participating to WordCamp Athens 2017 presenting a special project we worked at Social Mind during 2017. Integrating WooCommercewith two different enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).


As eCommerce evolves, more companies (especially in retail business) choose to create e-shops to extend their business activity online. This leads to the need for integrating those e-shops with other, 3rd party systems, that potentially use (i.e. an ERP system) or that they intend to setup and use in the near future (i.e. with a loyalty application).

If you intend on integrating your e-shop with another system or you are about to adopt an eCommerce solution which would be easy to integrate with 3rd party applications in the future, here are a couple of thinkgs you should take under consideration:

  • The system(s) you intend to integrate come with an application programing interface (API). This will allow an easy, secure and effective communication between the systems to be integrated.
  • The vendors of the systems you intend to integrate offer support for integrations and the terms and conditions of this service are clarified to the contract.

WooCommerce, for example, out platform of choice in Social Mind, offers a REST API for integrations with other systems. At Social Mind we offer support services that cover the needs of WooCommerce per se but also its plug-ins, integrations etc. that we occasionally undertake for our clients.

If you already have an e-shop and you are interested in evaluating how effective it is you can contact us using the term “EVALUATION” as a subject and we will get back to you with a completely free evaluation using the e-mail you sent us.