How to easily setup your company’s basic workflow with Bitrix24

by | 27/08/2015 | Tools & Resources

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Bitrix24 is a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for organizations.” (via

When you start a new business there’s usually a team! And regardless of its size, at some point you are going to need to be able to effectively communicate (asynchronously), exchange files that are securely stored to the company’s intranet, keep track of projects and tasks, define corporate policies on a place where all employees can easily access and so forth.

This is an introductory post that will walk you through the basic features that we used to set up our basic workflow in Social Mind.


If this is your first rodeo re Bitrix24 you might want to watch the following video. It’s almost an hour long but it successfully summarizes all the basic features you will need to kick start your company’s workflow.

If you are the “impatient type” you can skip the “long version” and move forward to find key functionalities discussed separately.


Task management is an essential feature for a company, no matter its size. Bitrix24 provides a clear, easy way to assign tasks to team members, create one time of recurring tasks, set deadlines, track productivity and automatically create reports, time track the tasks and more.


Want to write down meeting with clients or the stuff, important dates, events, birthdays and so on? Bitrix24 offers a very comprehensive way to keep your corporate calendar up to date.

Document Management

Keep your documents in one place with complete control over the visibility (who sees what). Bitrix24 free plan offers 5GB of free storage for files. Every member can have private, public or shared with specific people files.


Workgroups are a great way of channeling the right information to the right people without confusing the team. In Social Mind we use the following workgroups:

  1. Board – Company policies, Key financial decisions, Next steps / projects, Crisis Management
  2. Sales – Sales leads, prospect clients, sales tactics.
  3. Accounts – Quality of service, resources, best practices, tools, productivity.
  4. Publicity – Spreading the word about Social Mind (…and one day World Domination 😛 😛 :P)
  5. Imaginarium – New ideas that can increase the revenue (…also crazy stuff that cannot happen (?) )

Absence Chart

Well… this one is pretty much explanatory!


Bitrix24 is also available for Android and iOS devices.

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