5 + 1 Ways to Get the Most Out of Facebook Advertising

by | 07/04/2017 | Advertising ΕΝ, Social Media ΕΝ

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Facebook advertising has become one of the most effective promotional tools and even a small advertising budget can have very targeted results. This is why more than 64% of our customers run ad campaigns with Facebook Advertising.

Last year we designed and ran many campaigns for different businesses, with different goals! Through all this experience we have gained, we have identified 5 + 1 ways that we should all keep in mind while designing a new advertising campaign through Facebook Advertising.

Let’s see them:

1. Re-targeting is a top priority

Re-targeting is one of the most important tools of Facebook Advertising. This tool has several utilities and modes of operation. However, the most popular is to show an ad to the people who has already visited the company’s website in the last x days (ex the last 30 days).

In this way, someone who has already expressed a first interest in the company and in what they are selling (or may have already made a first purchase) will see the ad more often and thus keep that company in mind for a few days until he makes his final purchase decision.

Also, let’s not forget that it costs less to maintain an existing customer than to find a new one!

2. “Similar audience” can make a difference

Suppose you have created a Facebook audience in a way that you know is interested in what you are selling and the audience is actually buying it. Audiences can be created in a variety of ways … through a competition, through an application, etc. All of these users have some common features. You may not know what they are, but they certainly exist (and Facebook probably knows it)!

Also, there are definitely more people on Facebook that have the same features, but they haven’t been included in the audience you’ve created. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show your ad to people who have similar characteristics to your “loyal” audience? Well, that’s exactly what the “similar audience” is doing! Finding new customers for your business and showing them your ad. Useful?

3. Talk to your audience

OK, chatting with your audience (especially if it’s big) can be a pretty time consuming idea. However, you can make sure that the messages you pass (ex through ads) are informative, useful, interesting and humane! Provide some information that is useful to your audience and will surely respond much better to your ad.

4. Attention to frequency

Frequency is about how many times a user has seen your ad. Of course, there is no information for each individual user, but Facebook shows the average. The key in this case is 5! Beyond that, Facebook knows a lot better about what to do with your ad and, as a result, the cost per action is reduced.

Keep in mind that 5 is not absolute! Try to find the exact number for the product you are promoting and the audience you are targeting. Another frequency (always somewhere near 5) may suit you more.

5. Relevance of advertising will save you money

The relevancy of the ad is a score that Facebook gives. The higher this number is (top is 10), the more relevant Facebook considers your ad to be with the target audience. As expected … the more relevant the ad is, the more accurate Facebook shows it, the more the audience interacts with it and … the more results it brings to your business.

One cannot know in advance what the relevancy score will be. However, once the first data of the campaign comes in, we can see the score and make the necessary modifications. These modifications can be changing the targeting (eg different ages or areas), the creative, etc.

5 + 1. Whatever the case, Facebook Advertising will get you money

It may not sound very optimistic … but Facebook doesn’t care if you’ve made all the adjustments correctly or not. That is, because the better you make the adjustments, the better your ad will go, the more money you’ll make and the more ads you’ll run through this tool. However, Facebook can’t do this job for you! What it will do is to show your ad to the audience you selected. If that doesn’t work … you just loose your money (or at least you didn’t make the most out of them)!

So before you start running a Facebook ad campaign you need to properly plan and set up your campaigns so that they work best for you. If you’re not sure how to do this … you can always call us at +302107243276 or send us a message!